On my own, Castaway.

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am here yet again to introduce you to another one of my favorite bands.



Franco is a “superband” from the Philippines. It consists of the most f*ckin’ awesome people in the Philippine music industry. Franco Reyes from InYo, Gabby Alipe and Janjan Mendoza of urbandub, Paolo “Otcho” Toleran from Queso, and Buwi Meneses of Parokya ni Edgar.

All of their present songs are originally written by Franco Reyes for his band InYo, but omfg, their songs are just too awesome. Castaway and Touch The Sky are my favorites.

Their genre is sort of like heavy reggae. Reggae with a touch of heavy rock. Some of their songs even have little Rastafarian touch.

Franco Reyes has the voice of a super cool american rock dude and his guitar skills are killer. Put him up together with the other four, KABOOM. A god-like band is formed. 5 stars for me. Highly recommended.

If you ever get to read this post, please support the band and Philippine underground music.



Fight, fight, fight!

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I heard that there’s this weird band named Marilyn Manson, an American rock band from Florida. Creepy make-up and other shit. I looked for them on YouTube and I saw this thumbnail of a video, looks cool.

The Fight Song

Yeah, I saw The Fight Song and I convinced myself to waste a little time to buff their music video. Well, I found the lyrics of the song really, uhm, distracting.

“I’m not a slave to a god that doesn’t exist. I’m not a slave to a world that doesn’t give a shit.”

That line really caught my attention. Idk. Maybe that’s why it’s called the fight song. It’s like you’re saying that you don’t deserve all this bullshit that’s happening around you. Everyday crimes, politics and other stuff that pisses everybody off.

The video is a football game. Yeah. A fight for victory. Marilyn Manson going slightly wild. LOL.

Well, as of now, this is the only MM song I ever heard. Maybe I’ll be searching some more Marilyn Manson on YouTube soon. See ‘ya.


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So I got tired of using Blogger. So, here I am at WordPress!

I named this blog MaMeMiMoMusic because I am planning to post stuff about music. But I’ll try to mix things up a bit and add some artsy things.


Well, that’s about it. 😀 We’ll see where my blogging will take me.